Free (Single)

by David Belle

Track listing: Free

Good ol' 4-bar guitar intro, drum fill into a groove with bass guitar and a faint hint of keyboards. That's how David Belle kicks off his latest single "Free" from his forthcoming record entitled The Beginning, slated for a March 2024 release date. With talking verses a la Petty and Waits, he tells the story of a "West Coast girl livin' in a fucked up world" and an "East Coast boy living in the concrete jungle of New York City."

The gritty tale opens up with a major-chord-laden chorus complete with gospel vocals, wrapping up with a blistering electric guitar solo in the track's outro. A love song like many a rock 'n' roll story, Belle knows what he's after when he puts pen to paper. 

He previously co-wrote Jackson Browne's "Love Is Love," originally appearing on Browne's Haiti Benefit record Let The Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit, Vol. 1, as well as co-producing the record with Browne and Jonathan Wilson. As if that wasn't enough involvement in that project, Belle also filmed some of the songwriting, recording, and social time amongst the album's contributors.

But with "Free" Belle writes is own stories that will end up telling his own musical tale. Keep up with the release dates surrounding The Beginning and other potential singles, as well as live show dates and more. You can sign up for David Belle's email list at

Posted on 1/9/24