by The Heard Eye

Track listing: Say It With The Night, Do Whatchu Be, Boomerang, Job Growth, Free Everybody, Mr. Grifter, Always Now, Tornado, Bahia Amor, Funkalypse, Vimana

Funkalypse is the brand new full-length album from Bay Area funk/jazz group The Heard Eye. It began as a pandemic lockdown project--vocalist/trumpet Paul Schneider and guitarist/arranger Hannes De Kassian connected with longtime friend/drummer Atma Anur, who is now based in Europe. Tracks were shared, parts were laid down, and out of the effort came a 4-track EP the trio released to radio in Spring of 2023. As the EP gathered momentum, the LP was completed.

The Heard Eye garnered airplay on dozens of stations across the U.S. and Canada. The pull of the music is undeniable. There are no frills, no post-production magic. What you've got with The Heard Eye is three guys' passion for funk coming through the speakers right atcha.

The album kicks off with "Say It With The Night," a more sentimental-sounding track with vocal-laden melodic hook; sort of a 70s era vibe to it. "Do Whatchu Be" follows with a true retro funk sound, the horn lick reminiscent of a Bar Kays / "Soul Finger" attack. Then you get into tracks like "Mr. Grifter"--this one cooks, the phat bass line setting the mood for the horns to dance above it. You can close your eyes and picture walkin' into a club late one night and the group onstage breaks into "Mr. Grifter," with extended solos and hijinx. It's a fun one.

"Tornado" has a bit of a salsa flair. And the title track is just flat-out smokin', a veritable theme song of the album, and of the group as a whole for that matter. Closing out Funkalypse is the exploratory "Vimana," its reverb heavy horn sound and sprinkling of odd time signatures brings a bit of a mystical aura to the album's final five minutes.

The Heard Eye's musicianship is undeniable. The record is tight, well played, and and overall enjoyable blend of jazzy funk...or funky jazz...a bit more jazzy at times and more funky at others. You can follow all things The Heard Eye at

Posted on 4/23/24