Gazing At The Stars (EP)

by Arron Brown

Track listing: Stargazing, Miss You, Sunrise

Gazing at the Stars is a three song EP by UK singer-songwriter Arron Brown, a talented electronic/pop artist whose music will appeal heavily to techno fans and followers of Owl City.

Gazing... effuses an electro/pop sound that lets the listener travel to dreamland, almost literally, as Brown writes about stargazing and sleeping the night away. Brown composes his own brand of electro-pop music, filled with pianos, strings, and electronic sounds, relying heavily on the influence of Owl City’s Adam Young.

The title track opens the EP with piano and vocals, setting the dreamlike and tranquil tone. Arron carries a vocal tune (with some effects to aid him). But while the effects are obvious, they do not make his voice sound inauthentic, though at times it can sound a bit one-dimensional and lacking some range.

The second cut on the album, "Miss You," is heavy on studio effects, making the songs sound glossy and polished, and giving the EP a nice edge. And while it is obvious in this track that Arron can sing, hearing him in a more raw form would be nice given the song's simplistic orchestration.

Bringing the EP to a close, "Sunrise" is more upbeat. Its bright and happy synth sounds are unlike the other songs, perhaps intending to wake up the listener up from their long, stargazing-induced slumber.

Posted on 2/6/13