Good Day (Single)

by Gernado

Track listing: Good Day

Fair weather, positivity, faith, sunshine. . . It's what any of us want on any given day. Cue the latest single by bi-coastal artist (Florida to Huntington Beach, CA) Gernado (pronounced /Jah NaDo/). "Good Day" is a laid back reggae ballad that centers around the desire to, well, have a really good day.

Lyrically, Gernado touches on Jah's energy and what it comes up against in our world today: global warming, Covid, and circumstances leading to tomorrow not being promised to anyone.

Just really wanna
have a good day
A nice bright sunshine day
A really really good fine day

But the song sets a tone, both sonically and with the lyrical refrain, of an undisturbed paradise. You can feel the sea breeze and sun on your skin. Order a fruity libation, relax, and enjoy the next few hours.

Throw "Good Day" onto your next party play list. It will sit nicely among the tunes that create the backdrop to your next summer party with friends or a cookout with family. That reassuring vibe that reminds everyone of what a good time is all about.

Gernado captures the feeling perfectly on his Facebook profileWith its sweet and infectious melody, "Good Day" is a musical ray of sunshine that spreads happiness and leaves you with a smile on your face. It's a true gem in the reggae genre and a perfect soundtrack for any good day.

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Posted on 6/27/23