In A Room

by Otis Infrastructure

Track listing: In A Room, Out Of A Room, Robin Hood, Static Unlearned, Razor's Edge, String & Vine, Ballad For A Yesterday, Movie On A Lake, Gale Winds, Unclenched Fist, Room (Reprise), The Red House

On December 20, 2023 we got a chance to review "In A Room," the first single from Otis Infrastructure's new album of the same name. Jumping ahead a year (okay, actually just a couple weeks), the full album drops on January 18th of 2024. The following night they'll play an album release show at Bowery Electric with Club Duvet, Leeroy, and Miracle Sweepstakes.

As a whole, In A Room rocks in the same vein as its lead-off single. It's Indie, it rocks, and there's enough chicanery sprinkled among lyrics, meter, and chords to keep your attention. Tracks like "Robin Hood" ebb and flow from rocking to sentimental, adding some glockenspiel...and is that a melodica?!

"Gale Winds" looks to be a likely second single from the record, an upbeat number reminiscent of early Barenaked Ladies (aka the albums that grew their loyal cult fanbase). Check out "Gale Winds" official video on YouTube! But you've got the laid back, meandering "Static Unlearned" offering a change of pace followed by one of the more rockin' rockers on the record, "Razor's Edge," which must absolutely rock at their live shows.

The group sticks and moves, bobbing and weaving through moods. "String & Vine" and "Ballet for Yesterday" offer up an emotional release. Introspective softer numbers, they're soul soothers setting you up for the funky delight "Movie On A Lake."

Otis Infrastructure's got a gem on their hands with In A Room. Well-written and compelling, it's readily apparent that they put their hearts and minds into their recording. Let your friends know the record will be on all your fave streaming services in less than two weeks. And keep up with all things Otis Infrastructure at their cozy online home:

Posted on 1/6/24