In These Eyes (Single)

by TaniA Kyllikki

Track listing: In These Eyes ft. Rynellton

"In These Eyes" is the latest single from Berkshire, UK artist TaniA Kyllikki and was released June 16, 2023. It's a sneak peek into Kyllikki's upcoming full-length album Free Spirited set for release in 2024. The lyric video for "In These Eyes" dropped a couple months ago and has already amassed over 200K videos on YouTube. Anticipation for new music from Kyllikki is also written all over her Spotify profile--her singles dating back to 2018 have gone over 3 millions total streams! 

Stylistically, "In These Eyes" pairs an alluring drum loops with melodies and instrumentation that lean on Middle Eastern influence with various percussion, Egyptian flute, and vocal lilts. The single's artwork subsequently draws on Egyptian influence, as well, with TaniA herself channeling a Liz Taylor Cleopatra vibe in her visual aesthetic.

Kyllikki's got an undeniably impressive voice. "In These Eyes" features her wide vocal range and vocal acrobatics that channel Christina Aguilera and Shakira. But it was her eyes themselves that inspired the lyrics. Partner, producer, and featured rapper on the track, Rynellton, took notice of TaniA's eyes upon their first meeting. Though their partnership has grown far beyond a single physical attribute, these eyes were powerful enough to inspire more than just that initial attraction.

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Posted on 10/11/23