Inside Out

by Harry Hochman

Track listing: Inside Out, Wherever I Go, Midnight Crow, Whole Lot Of Nowhere, Facing The Past, Caryville, All This Time, Elephant In the Room, Going Alone, Coming Apart, New Wrapper

Harry Hochman embodies everything good about an All-American singer/songwriter. And his latest effort Inside Out, scheduled for an October 6th release, lays out before our ears exactly what that means.

It opens strong with the straight-forward mid-tempo classic title track--a toe-tapper with tight vocal harmonies and a mandolin bringin' just the right amount of twang. There's a notable change-up with the hauntingly ominous "Midnight Crow" and then a songwriting homerun in "Caryville," a Middle-America story of hope and promise tucked nicely in a small town narrative. More sweeping sounds come in the form of the grandiose waltz, "Coming Apart." There's a little bit of everything for everyone one in Inside Out.

Helping pull off this record is a whole host of not-so-secret weapons. Produced and arranged by Chris Murphy (Sloan), who also laid down violin and mandolin parts, Hochman surrounded himself with a stellar cast. The rhythm section consists of drummer Michael Jerome (Richard Thompson, John Cale) and bassist Alex Balderston (Beyonce, Selena Gomez). On guitar is Cubensis/Bobby Womack veteran, Nate LaPointe. Icing on the cake provided by Blues Traveler guitarist Chan Kinchla, keys by Brian Auger and additional vocals by legend Herb Pederson.

Inside Out's lead-off single is "Caryville," now streaming on Spotify. Keep an eye out for additional singles and updates on Inside Out and more at

Posted on 8/31/23