by T. Tex Edwards

Track listing: Intexicated! Part One, Baby's Got A Gun, Love Power, L.S.D., Move It!, If Looks Could Kill, Cravin', Lee Harvey (Was A Friend Of Mine), It's Gravity, Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail?, Thirteen Women, Crazy Date, Blood On The Saddle, Psycho '84, Goin' Down South, Nobody Likes Me, Death Of A Clown, Intexicated! Part Two, Chili's Demo

T. Tex Edward’s latest release, Intexicated!, is a compilation of his most recent material, as well as demos and outtakes from his past projects. It makes for an interesting journey as the record takes the listener through a maze of different sounds, influences, and well crafted songs that still sound fresh given Edwards' long career. T. Tex began his career in 1975 with his first band, the Nervebreakers. Since then, Tex has been in a slew of bands which have mostly been short lived, with his experience and talent culminating in what we hear on Intexicated!

By mixing genres such as swing, jazz, and punk, Tex takes his fans into the creative unknown, which works at times, depending on your flair for the unknown. “Intexicated! Part 1” is solid opening song with wailing guitars and drums that have a jazz and swing like quality. “Baby’s Got a Gun” lays back and allows Tex’s gritty vocals show off his punk upbringing. “Love Power” throws in a twist to the punk vibe, a ballad with its intro seemingly taken straight from an old Western.

With Intexicated! including demos and outtakes, you can imagine that it can be hit-or-miss to listeners not out to round out their complete T. Tex collection. Some vocals come across more rough (“Move It”) and production-wise you might yearn for another round of mixes (read the hot guitar in "If Looks Could Kill"). The last third of Intexicated! includes a number of demos/outtakes that may likely appeal less to the average listener who's uninterested in the rare goods of T. Tex Edwards.

Posted on 1/14/13