by Kalen Hogan

Track listing: Stoned and Cold, It's You, Last Breath, Be With You, Lost, Help Me I'm Dying, Not Even A Friend, Beliefs

Isn't it special when a young musician creates something...and it's really good? Stevie Wonder released his first album at age 12. Prince at 19. Now wait... I'd be doing 17-year-old Australian-based Kalen Hogan an enormous disservice by comparing him to either of those legends at this point. But Hogan is 17. He has released his debut album, Isolation. And, yes, it is actually really good!

It's moody. You hear Thom Yorke in his vocals and some of the more melodic Radiohead work in the songwriting. Jeff Buckley is channeled in the overall soundscape. And Hogan's interest in '90s Seattle Grunge scene certainly comes through in the chord progressions and guitar effect choices.

Lyrically, Isolation is somber, serious, and perhaps more mature than you might expect from a young songwriter. Working with drummer Kayne Butler and producer Andrew Beck, the crew recorded Isolation at Damien Gerard Studios, where the likes of INXS, Divinyls, and Midnight Oil have created in the past. What they put together is a solid mix of introspection and longing, set against a 90s-era soundscape. You could easily picture finding Isolation in the CD bin alongside the likes of Soul Asylum or Toad the Wet Sprocket.

In addition to writing and recording the album, Kalen also designs the art for his singles and album cover. The first single, "Stoned and Cold" is out now. He's staying busy promoting it, playing local live shows and finishing the 12th grade at school. Not to rest on laurels, he's already began writing material for his next project slated for 2024. Follow Kalen Hogan and keep up with his shows and new releases at

Posted on 6/1/23