It’s My Turn, Now

by Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys

Track listing: It's My Turn, Now, Hot Blues, Love On The Run, She's Evil, Forever, Karma, Rifle Sight, The Way of The World, Movin' On Down The Line, Heartbreak, Until The Good is Gone

Every band is "from" somewhere but the point of origin often provides little insight into a group's sound. Exceptions to this idea might be acoustic guitarists in the Mississippi Delta around 1925 and Seattle rock acts in the early 1990's. Asbury Park, New Jersey is another location where one finds one genre more predominant than others. Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys' debut album, It's My Turn, Now, embodies all that is and ever has been "the Asbury Park sound." This small town on the Jersey shore that gave birth to the E Street Band and the Asbury Jukes is famous for its unique contribution to rock 'n' roll's sonic landscape and its influence did not bypass Bocci lead singer, Tony Amato.

Tony (aka "Boccigalupe," a nickname given to him by "Little" Steven Van Zandt) literally grew up in the same musical community as Little Steven, Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny. After stints with Cahoots (who were signed to Columbia Records) and Moments Notice, experiencing all the promise that is and isn't found in a recording contract, Tony struck off on his own to assemble his Bad Boys. Guitarist Billy "Boy Wonder" Walton, bassist John "Little John" Luraschi, drummer "Tiny" Tim Moss, saxophonist Rich "The Taz" Taskowitz and the rest of the group's musical resumes read like a roll call in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. These guys have played with the best all their lives but turn to Boccigalupe in pursuit of success in their own project.

"It's My Turn, Now" kicks off the 50+ minute musical Jersey shore-style party complete with a horn section and Boccigalupe's signature Hammond B3. The song's nostalgic tone taps into the common Asbury theme of yearning for good times gone and looking to the promise of the future. The rendition of Little Steven's "Forever" works itself seamlessly into the album, again featuring the horns and B3 and yet another Asbury commonality of a gruff, grumbling male lead vocal. The chugging rhythm, instrumental drop-outs and builds, all ingredients found on many an E Street recording.

For all its energy, stellar musicianship and quintessential Asbury Park sound, It's My Turn, Now stops short of reaching the lofty songwriting expectations set by The Boss and propelled him from strong regional act to international superstar. The songs have, however, entrenched the band solidly into the Asbury Park scene, earned them an opening spot for Bruce at Giants Stadium, garnered a new record deal (with Van Nuys, California-based Sound City Music) and the band continues to attract to its shows more stars than you'll find at the Jersey State Planetarium. Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys are right there…just a lyric and a hook away from jumping out of the Stone Pony on to a national stage. With their history, talent and years of devotion to their music it truly is their turn, now.

Posted on 10/28/03