Late In The Morning (Single)

by Indecent Proposal

Track listing: Late In The Morning

"Late In The Morning" is the latest single from Duluth, Minnesota based band Indecent Proposal. The track's got a Stone Temple Pilots feel blended with a Southern flare, almost a la Skynyrd in nature. Initially the rhythm guitar is bathed in a 90s Seattle 'wet' sort of phase/reverb and some Ebow that puts you in a coffeehouse in the Northwest on a cold rainy day. But by the time the guitar solo kicks in, the tone shifts to a more rugged distortion, tapping into some of the Southern Rock greats.

With "Late In The Morning" the band shows some versatility, stepping away from the more bouncy Post Malone-y feel of their previous single, "Feeling Good." LITM is a more straightforward rocker, undoubtedly playing into the band's strong track record onstage, creating some space to stretch out solos on a long set, keeping the drinks flowing and the audience dancing. 

It's good to hear some diversity across Indecent Proposal's recent releases. You can keep up with their newest material on Spotify and find out about upcoming shows and more at

Posted on 7/2/23