Masks (Single)

by The Antenna Tribe

Track listing: Masks

Following up their last single "Everything" LA-based The Antenna Tribe drop "Masks," a haunting electronic venture into human emotion and psychology. Led by musician-producer Sean Whalen, the tribe enlists the talents of singer/songwriters Glasscat, Silke, and Okafuwa to don their "Masks." Released on March 1, "Masks" marks the beginning of an ambitious 2024 for Whalen's tribe, who plan to release a barrage of new singles and two full-length albums.

Heavy is the weight on me now
Even if I found a way out
A part of me is lost on you

The soundscape is airy, modern, ominous. A rainy 4AM on an empty city avenue; fog settling in; an emotional weight on your shoulders. The minor-key melodies convey a yearning, an anticipation.

Through the mystery in the lyrics and the intensity of the backbeat you feel the pressure of the 1/2-time low-end bass pulsing, battling the light percussive double-time groove and gently rocking backbeat. Whalen's vocals soar at times with the edge of a mid-80s Peter Gabriel, its tone cutting through the soft environs manifested by the drum loops and synthesizers.

"Masks" is available on all streaming platforms. Try it on for size and follow The Antenna Tribe on the service of your choice. Whalen and company have much more in store where this came from.

Posted on 3/6/24