Maybe You're the Reason (Single)

by David Vogel

Track listing: Maybe You're the Reason

If it takes a stint working at a recording studio to bring a pop song to life, then more artists should try it. Raised in New York and now living in Nashville, David Vogel's latest single "Maybe You're The Reason" has true hit potential.

Just the other day
My mom asked how you were
I didn't know what to say
I'm lying through my teeth
Telling everyone I'm okay
When I'm a living mess
And I'm so sad
Cause I want you
So bad

The track's chock full of emotion-rich love song lyrics but the beauty of the recording is the attention paid to the instrumental soundscape surrounding every line. Vogel builds-in frequent acapella breaks, ethereal synths and drum machines, and a chorus that explodes with majestic keyboards soaring into the stratosphere with the song's title as the essence of the hook.

To date, Vogel's Spotify profile has eight singles that have collectively earned well over a quarter million listens. So far that number hasn't matched the ~3 million streams of his band JADN, fueled by the fans he gained during his Top 20 performances on the 2021 season of The Voice

But venturing out as a solo act has so far seemed to cast a good omen on Vogel's future. He is currently in Nashville working on his debut full-length album, slated for a summer 2024 release. Visit to learn more about David Vogel and to follow him on your preferred mediums as the anticipation builds for the new record. 

Posted on 3/12/24