Movin' On

by Lynne Taylor Donovan

Track listing: Lies, Silence Says It All, The Doctor, The Strong One, Sugar Lake, Am I Dreaming, I Don't Wanna Mention Any Names, Sooner or Later, The Letter, Tennessee Whiskey

Movin' On is the gorgeous new Country album from Vancouver-based singer Lynne Taylor Donovan. The record's got powerhouse Red Dirt-styled bangers like "Sugar Lake" and real Classic Country songs like "The Strong One" that would fit seamlessly on any of George Strait's mega-hit albums of the mid-80s.

Donovan is releasing the vinyl for Movin' On on April 12, 2024 and, despite its dropping just now, the record is already chock full of TEN Top 40 tracks including the #1 European release of the aforementioned "The Strong One." 

The first single entitled "The Letter" features Donovan's more sentimental side. It's a love song / power ballad along the lines of Tony Arata's little ditty "The Dance" that a guy named Garth Brooks took to the top of the charts.

Movin' On has its grittier moments, like the opener "Lies." Her voice, as strong and confident as a young Tammy Wynette, pulls the array of traditional and modern Country styles all together. And the sing-songy "Am I Dreaming" begs for a honky tonk full o' folks on a Friday night to sing along in unison, together, celebrating all the good that life's brought to them in that moment.

The record concludes with a deliberately delivered cover of the classic "Tennessee Whiskey," most recently popularized by Chris Stapleton. What's wonderful about this album is that you don't have to take my word for it. You can buy the vinyl right now and listen to it in its entirety at Enjoy!

Posted on 4/2/24