Ms Mystery (Single)

by Ranzel X Kendrick (Alias Wayne)

Track listing: Ms Mystery

Released on July 4th, 2023, Alias Wayne's "Ms Mystery" embodies all you might imagine when it comes to the light, relaxed feel of what life must be like for the Texan-turned-Costa Rican singer songwriter. 

The native of Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio, headed south of the border (way south) and has continued writing and recording. And this release has thus far exploded like a musical firework, debuting at #13 on the NACC USA-CANADA Radio Chart. Not a bad way to celebrate his birthday (July 3rd) set against the beaches and rain forests.

That's Alias Wayne, just above the 'A' in Alias
That's Alias Wayne,
just above the 'A' in Alias

The song itself is a groovy mid-tempo number featuring accompaniment from some soulful female vocals and backed by layers of Knopfler-esque rhythm guitar. Topically, Alias Wayne touches on politics, history, and cultural nuance. You get from his voice that he's become an interested observer of what's going on around the world--concerned but not worried--doing his part to express his thoughts and feelings stopping just shy of getting caught up in it all.

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Posted on 7/3/23