Physical Culture (This Is Why I'm Single Mix)

by Flowers For Juno

Track listing: Physical Culture

Flowers for Juno is launching into 2024 with their debut single "Physical Culture." The group blends a bevy of sounds into their own flavor of what they deem Gothic Metal. Yet with keyboards straight out of 80s Brit-Pop, a guitar crunch rivaling The Cult, and vocal harmonies reminiscent of a Staley/Cantrell duet, the song comes at you boldly and unapologetically more along the lines of Alternative Rock. 

Desire is a losers game
Crueler than heartbreak

The chorus itself is a frenzy, a whirlwind of 90s Seattle-scene grunge but polished more than that sound, born in Punk. What waits to be seen and heard is the path taken by the rest of their debut album--it remains to be seen if the collection will diver darker and heavier or capitalize on the Wilson/James songwriting prowess that so naturally bring a melodic sensibility to their brand of hard rock.

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Posted on 12/28/23