Praize Hiz Name (Single)

by Tony Adams

Track listing: Praize Hiz Name

"Praize Hiz Name" is the latest single by Tony Adams featuring Eddie Scarlett. It's a musical shot sent straight up to the church rafters in the name of God in the highest. It's actually a smokin' RnB jam musically comparable to Earth, Wind & Fire's "September"--the first line mirroring EWF's line "Do you remember?"

But from then on, Adams and Scarlett take things in their own inspired direction, heavy on the keys, playing off one another vocally, with synth-horns making the track as danceable as Christian praise music gets.

By the song's end you've got a female backing chorus and scat-like ad-libs that take the track beyond your common every day praise music, taking things up a notch to a song you want to put on the 4th of July weekend playlist when you're out at the park with friends and family.

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Posted on 7/2/23