Saving It All (Single)

by Sluka

Track listing: Saving It All

Mysterious. Grandiose. Contemplative. Almost Bowie-esque in its otherwordly majesty.

Such is the essence of San Diego-based Sluka's latest single "Saving It All." Settled into a layer of soft reverbs, the synth/keyboard and echo-heavy thunderous drums provide a dramatic backdrop for singer Christopher Sluka's voice to cut through the instrumentation, preaching words of patience and resilience to listeners. 

shooting the moon right in the face, licking the wound a bitter taste; getting it all but losing the race, watching the world from outer space; saving it all...for another day

Having spent years pursuing his own musical dreams, Sluka (the man) has seen it all. Record deals signed, worldwide travel, hits and demos have punctuated his own personal tale of success. But along the way one also encounters periods of disappointment, though remaining unwavering in their pursuit of passion with an unlimited fervor regardless of what may come.

You hear the wisdom in his voice, not just singing the lyrics in pursuit of the next hit. Sluka sings from his heart. There's an optimism toward hope that stops shy of a naïveté from the terrors faced around the world. Much of his 2021 album Figure It Out dealt with this duality.

But with "Saving It All" Sluka is perhaps suggesting a patience, a quite resolve toward taking the next big bold step. Yes "shoot the moon in the face, lick the wound, lose the race" but expending everything in a single moment may not be the way out. In his words, you may ought to consider "saving it all for another day."

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Posted on 2/10/24