Scars (Single)

by Savarre

Track listing: Scars

Intense. In-depth. Passionate. All describe "Scars," the latest single from Shannon Denise Evans' brainchild group Savarre. Deep, dark, and dominating, the electro-pulsing beat builds and intensifies throughout the track. All the while Evans' voice follows suit, building from a steamy, sultry, mystery into a soaring, impressive vocal range.

No, I can’t take the mercy of you now—
I bare the marks of all that you allowed.
Untether me from this fractured twist of ours— Maybe then I’ll be more than just my scars.

Stylistically, Savarre presents as a blend of all good things: a bit of Amy Lee's rock in Evanescense, confident sneers a la Alanis, and the electronic dark musical overtones of Shirley Manson. What producers Evans, Dylan Glatthorn, and Alex Venguer have done is bring together a few decades' worth of electronic/pop/rock material and injected it with a modern sensibility. 

What's really new in Savarre's music is the literary prowess of Evans' lyrics. A published author known as "The Story Weaver," she's extremely well-read and puts a great deal of effort into each line of each verse. So beyond just the vibe, the groove, and the sultriness of Savarre's sound, you have the intelligence, wit, and wisdom of a well-honed writer.

"Scars" originally dropped in early 2022 on the Isabeau Records imprint, yet it continues to garner attention for Evans and Savarre. Dive into the realm of Savarre at and follow them on Spotify to keep up with their latest releases. 

Posted on 1/27/24