Jessie Burner

Genre: Electronic, Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: Orlando, FL

Jessie Burner has evolved into a producer to be reckoned with. Starting his music career as a drummer, he struggled with projects' success being dependent upon the passion of bandmates. Wanting to move forward unhampered, he built his own studio and has since established himself as a go-to Hip-Hop and EDM producer. His latest track "Be With You" is nearing 30,000 streams on Spotify with minimal promotion and "The Naturalist" has surpassed 65,000 streams. Based out of Orlando, most of his in-person work is with local Hip-Hop artists. But having invested fully in his studio, his collaborations have spanned the globe. Jessie is currently pursuing film and commercial music licensing projects. His latest work is available via iTunes, Spotify and you can keep up with him @jessieburner on Twitter and Instagram.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 6/25/14