Set Me Free (Single)

by Joe Boris

Track listing: Set Me Free

Cannabis. Grass. Weed. Mary Jane. Dope. Hemp. Hash. Herb. Doobie. Loco Weed. Maui Wowie. Pot. Claro. Joint. Reefer. Panama Red. Smoke. Ganja

It has many names but it's that last one that Joe Boris penned an ode to with his latest single "Set Me Free." A chill, laid back reggae vibe has that special stank on it so thick you can almost see the smoke and feel the buzz.

It's simple enough: he wants some weed to set himself free and he's not really gonna ask for it.

Hey mon from over there
Hey man come over here
You know that stuff
that smells so fine
You know that stuff
I want all the time
Smells so pretty and green
Makes me feel so high, I mean
Gimme some ganja

"Set Me Free" is the lead-off single from Boris' Anthology, a 30-song collection of work featuring a bevy of musicians from throughout his career in the New Jersey / New York area dating back to the early 90s.

Joe's seen it all over the years, having performed with the likes of Clarence Clemons and members of Hot Tuna, The Band and New Riders of the Purple Sage. He has also written dozens of songs for the band One-Eyed Jack.

With decades of experience under his belt and having shared stages with some of the best, "Set Me Free" dials it all back. A happy, carefree take on the world. A simple request. A favor. It'll get passed around anyway, right? 

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Posted on 7/7/23