The Rusty

by Wellbeloved

Track listing: Jump Into The Fire, Thankful (Not Fire), They Fall, Freedom Is A Shotgun, Green Line to U, Sell It To The World, The Values, Lizard Take 1 (Spoken), Now! Now! Now!, (I See)

David Wellbeloved has seen a lotta shit. A child of the San Francisco 60s, he spent his formative years in DC as a radio DJ and record store manager. Wellbeloved embraced everything about the alternative (not Alternative) music scene of the 1970s, keeping his hand in numerous musical pies--hardcore, psycho-punk, producing, performing. He's got stories to tell...

But he took a break from music in 1988 intended to be a short hiatus. You know how those things can go. His path led him to stintus at Nightclub 9:30 in DC, tour managing guitarist Tim Reynolds, and time DJ-ing under the moniker DJ ChAoTic! 

It was the pandemic that led Wellbeloved to revisit his meaning of life, including playing and performing music. Cue the recording and 2022 release of The Rusty.

The Rusty is a psychological journey through the mind of Wellbeloved. Opening track "Jump Into The Fire" is a nearly 7-minute repetitious endeavor nearly that manifests a smokey punk club at 2AM where the beer isn't all that cold. If you've been there, you know. Not a rock 'n' roll show, but most definitely a Punk show. But then you get a closing track like "(I See)" that takes a more gentle Santo & Johnny "Sleep Walk" quasi-Americana/light-Jazz turn.

There's a lot in The Rusty. The vibe of the record is lo-fi and gritty; an expression of what's been pent up inside Wellbeloved steeping for decades. And there's a lot to take in! You can hear the wealth of musical interest and influence. Some Punk, some Indie, a dabble of Tom Waits, and more.

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Posted on 10/15/23