by Paul Koudouris

Track listing: Passport to London, Somewhere Along the Way, Til the Real Thing Comes Along, My Kinda Girl, Eyes Closed on the Ride Home, Better Off with the Blues, Born to be Young, Better Happy Ending, Get Busy Living, Final Fantasy

Paul Koudouris, is an independent self-taught singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. After studying music and theatre at Point Park University Conservatory Program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Regents College in London, England, Koudouris has decided to pursue music on his own by sharing his own unique pop rock songs on his album Twenty-Something that will appeal to fans of Matt Wertz and Jack Johnson.

Songs such as “My Kind of Girl” provides a great soundtrack for a day at the beach as the song has a Jack Johnson feel that gives the listener a chance to daydream the day away. Koudouris’ musical abilities are strong, possibly due to his musical education which comes through in his large voice and fun guitar parts. His lyrics are also relatable. Ditching complex imagery, Paul’s lyrics tell stories that everyone can relate to, whether it is chasing your dreams or finding the perfect significant other. The lyrics pull you into the song. While Koudouris’ music is on the lighter side, it isn’t just beach tunes. Koudouris also draws influences from the blues genre with “Better Off With the Blues,” channeling Johnny Lang vocally throughout. The subtle percussion adds a nice touch to the track.

“Passport to London” is a tune that heads in the direction of rock and roll as Paul brings in electric guitars and a gospel like singer to craft a catchy song that rouses for a sing along once the chorus hits. While the singing is mixed softly into the background, it works well as it fits in comfortably with the rock influence that Koudouris is trying to share with his audience.

It’s too bad that Kouidouris has not been discovered by a record label yet as his easygoing songs could definitely do well on the charts. His music has massive commercial appeal and his records will find a home on the shelves of listeners who enjoy Jason Mraz and John Mayer.

Posted on 4/16/13