Vicarious Disclosures

by Slow Burning Car

Track listing: Shapeless Faceless, Crime Minister, A Winters Purge, Cyanide Planes, Hard Time Walking, B.F.U., (One For) Subtlety, Millionaire, Wasted Years, Rudderless Ship

Vicarious Disclosures is the sixth album by Los Angeles based rockers Slow Burning Car, released on September 15. For this effort the quintet looked inward, leaning on their own singer/bassist Troy Spiropoulous and guitarist Aaron Kusterer to capture their unique blend of heavy and quasi-prog rock. 

The album's opening three tracks alone take you on a sonic journey through various rock sub-genres that carries on throughout the record. "Shapeless Faceless" kicks off the album with intense ferocity in the intro, dropping to a mysterious guitar-laden verse featuring Spiropoulous' sinister vocal, with co-vocalist Kim Clayborne soaring in the bridge leading to a fast-and-furious double-time chorus.

Slow Burning Car
Slow Burning Car

Track two, "Crime Minister," takes a turn toward a quirky sort of early Black Sabbath sound, morphing reggae into a classic, dark hard rock banger. "B.F.U." brings a shredding guitar solo. 

Channeling a bit of early dirty GnR/punk aesthetic, "(One For) Subtlety" hits you with a dynamic dual-vocal...but unlike Axl double-tracking his own harmonies, Slow Burning Car has the voices ready to roll. And as soon as you've nailed this track as a stock punk rocker, the bottom drops out with an almost Beach Boys-esque half-time vocal interlude.

Slow Burning Car carries an array of weapons. They're heavy but don't shy away from dropping a boogie woogie piano into a song's outro. They're tough but can be tongue-in-cheek as needed. Vicarious Disclosures brings a bit of it all to the musical table. Check out their upcoming show dates and see what the band's up to on their socials at

Posted on 9/20/23