Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Valencia, Spain

Batme the artist name of Piotr Szwach, is a multi-talented independent electronic music producer and composer hailing from Poland and based in Valencia, Spain - a city known for its bats and oranges. He grew up in a musical family and began producing his own music in his early teens. Batme's unique approach to music production involves utilizing an arsenal of analog gear to create distinct and innovative sounds. His musical influences include future bass, electro-soul, electronic dance music (EDM), trap, indie pop, experimental electronica with a strong hip-hop influence, house, and UK garage.

With classical roots, having finished a music degree and being a skilled piano player who has done several piano concerts, he had been composing music for films, documentaries, and video games for 17 years.

"Someone to Lead"

Posted on 10/16/23