An Interview with Valencia, Spain Based Electronic Music Producer, Batme

Batme shares his artist name origin story, recommends a video game and invites you to reach out to him personally via @batmemusic on Instagram

Coyote Music: What's the story behind your artist name, Batme?

Batme: The name 'Batme' is a mix of things I love. I'm a big fan of a certain superhero that you might guess from the name, and I live in a city that's famous for bats and oranges. I also really admire Flume, which led me to blend 'Bat' with 'me.' Plus, 'Bat' kind of sounds like 'Bass,' which I love incorporating into my music.

CM: How did you start your career as a film composer?

Batme: Since I was a kid, my brother played the piano. He started making his own music, and that really got me interested. So, I learned piano and started making my own tracks too. I got in touch with some film directors and got to work on a few Polish films and documentaries. But I knew that making it big in composing was tough, so I explored other ways to earn a living.

CM: Why the shift from film music to your Batme project?

Batme: To be honest, I felt this strong urge to make the music I really loved. I was sitting on some tracks for years but never released them. Then I got into Flume's work and another band, Bass Astral x Igo. They had a huge impact on me. When they broke up, I saw it as my cue to start Batme. My girlfriend really encouraged me to go for it, and here we are.

CM: What draws you to Valencia, Spain? Any local music scene there that inspires you?

Batme: I first came to Valencia as a student and just fell in love with the city. I thought I'd find a great electronic music scene here, but surprisingly, there isn't much of that. Seems like you have to go to Ibiza for that kind of thing. But Valencia itself is really inspiring—the city is eco-friendly, well-designed, and hey, the oranges are amazing!

CM: Your singles "Say Something" and "Someone to Lead" are out. Will they be part of your upcoming album?

Batme: Yes, those singles will be on the album, along with a couple of new tracks like "In Your Heart" and "Mori." I've also been collaborating with some really talented vocalists from France and Poland. I've lived outside of my home country and met people from all around, and that’s been a big inspiration for me.

Batme's EDM Christmas Tree :)
Batme's EDM Christmas Tree :)

CM: When can fans expect the album?

Batme: I don't want to rush anything, so let’s just say the album will be ready when it's ready. But I'm aiming for it to be out by next year.

CM: You've also worked on video game music. Any titles we might recognize?

Batme: Sure, one of the recent games I worked on is called "Espresso Tycoon." It's on Steam and it’s about running your own coffee shop. Check it out!

CM: You've got a music degree and play classical piano. Ever thought about a career focused just on piano?

Batme: Not really, I've always been more into composing my own stuff. Fun fact—I also went to Organ School.

CM: Any artists you look up to?

Batme: I'm hugely influenced by Flume, but only specific tracks really hit home for me. I also love Bass Astral x Igo, Hans Zimmer, Bicep, Electric Mantis, Alison Wonderland, DROELOE, HWLS, ODESZA, and Louis the Child.

CM: Anything else for readers who are just discovering Batme?

Batme: If you're new to Batme, I'd love to hear from you. I always respond to messages and comments on my Instagram. We can talk about music, life abroad, or even how great Valencian oranges are!

You can follow and reach out to Batme via @batmemusic on Instagram as well as through many platforms, all found at

Posted on 10/17/23