Someone To Lead (Single)

by Batme

Track listing: Someone To Lead

"Someone To Lead" is the latest single from Batme, an electronic music producer originally from Gdansk, Poland but who currently resides in Valencia, Spain. This track has been a labour of love for Batme, who painstakingly detailed every aspect of this song's writing and production. 

This track is a reflection of my passion for electronic music.
-- Batme

In a recent Instagram post, Batme demonstrates his favorite moment in the song--the bass drop--and explains its importance to him in the context of the rest of the recording, and a bit about what went into making it just right.

Lyrically, he explains that "Someone To Lead is "about the search of a reliable partner. Once you find someone to lead, you can truly be yourself."

The track itself is haunting. 

[Side note: I was just about to explain the minor chord progression, which I think is right. But Batme has studied music theory, which we learned in our recent interview with him, and would see right through my drummer-level command of theory.] 😂

But the song is haunting. Deep. Powerful. Its slow, massive beat textured with percussion. The warm synth tone is punctuated by a bass punch that hits you square-on (check the 1-minute mark, and turn up your speakers all the way!). 

"Someone To Lead" is the second of four singles released this year that Batme currently has streaming on Spotify. So far they've garnered nearly 50,000 streams, with "Someone To Lead" holding the anchor slot with nearly half of those. He's also produced a video for the track, which has pulled in over 4,000 views in less than 3 months.

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Posted on 10/17/23