Brynn Andre

Genre: Electronic, Indie
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Brynn Andre released her debut in 2010 chronicling the twenty-something dance between liberation and loneliness.

Her upcoming release goes deeper. Like a sequel, Honeymoon faces a woman’s next chapter, whispering: what happens after the honeymoon? The songs find Brynn married to the summer fling of her twenties, singing daunting questions like does my story matter and can unsung dreams come true?

The body of work traverses the stages of life beyond youth, and includes songs like “Fertile Ground”, born out of a devastating fertility journey and “Good Time” a pop anthem on getting older, while longing for freer days.

Honeymoon, was produced by Minneapolis music legend Matt Patrick (Jeremy Messersmith, John Mark Nelson, Jeremy Ylvisaker) and offers a richer, crystalline pop sound that Brynn helped define.

Photo by Swandive Studios

Posted on 8/19/23