Lance Mitchell

Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Juneau, AK

Lance grew up near Los Angeles, California. He began singing at the Holy Temple Baptist Church Choir, in which he participated for 5 years, performing in various concerts. 

While attending Eliot Junior High School, Lance found a love of acting as he acted in various plays. Lance attended Hollywood High School for the Performing Arts in 1998. Lance acted in a few commercials but the 1993 straight to video release of "The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer" was his first role in film. When he arrived in Alaska, Lance's love of music grew and he recorded with artist Wolf pack and many more. Lance performed at many clubs in Juneau, Alaska until collaborating with Strange paths and many Juneau artists. 

Lance has been hard at work working to strengthen his voice. Last year Lance went to do work with Compulse Records in The Netherlands. Lance finished up 9 songs while in The Netherlands. The song was released and Lance did features with Kill ah Priest, a song called "Praise" and a song called "Litty." Lance is always ready to work in the studio.

"Stop Suicide Worldwide"

Posted on 7/10/23