The Band Kris

Genre: Pop
Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA

If you’re suspicious that The Band Kris wrote a song about you, you are probably right and you may just find that song on their Youtube Channel where they became known for uploading a new original song every Tuesday and Thursday. Committed to sharing their mistakes and heartbreaks to prevent your’s, the pop music duo has a song written about anything and everything. As one might put it, there are two types of people in the world and somehow they end up as bandmates. They are polar opposites but ultimately, they balance each other out. You get a little bit of everything with the duo, Jamilyn’s sarcasm balances out Dani’s sensitivity. 

In addition to their original songs, the sister duo uses their platform to showcase their unfiltered, witty personalities on camera. In fact, in 2018, the sister duo moved to Nashville, TN which essentially led them to really opening up to their followers about the unique challenges they faced. It is fair to say, Jamilyn & Dani will be the first to laugh at themselves for being overly dramatic and equally sensitive. They often close out their videos with their signature closing statement that half-jokingly encourages any haters to stay silent, “Only nice comments, we’re super sensitive!” 

Based out of Southern California, Jamilyn and Dani gave their sister collaboration a permanent name in 2014 after writing a song to their older brother, Kris, who was also a musician but passed away before he got the chance to fulfill his lifelong music dream. In remembrance of their late brother, The Band Kris pays tribute to him by advocating the importance of treating depression before it is too late. Losing their brother to depression has led the sister duo to perform various times at American Suicide Prevention Walks in hopes that they can bring awareness to the reality of depression.

Photo by Cole Young

Posted on 3/2/21