Tim Brummett

Genre: Country/Americana, Folk
Hometown: Spokane, WA

Tim Brummett is a singer/songwriter from Spokane, Washington and this isn't his first ride around the block. Now 68, Tim is coming off a few years' hiatus to take care of some health issues...which is actually an impressive story in itself.

In 2013 he weighed almost 400 pounds, became diabetic, and was told he’d die if he didn't make a change. So he did just that. He dropped 200 pounds and became a personal trainer. So when it comes to dedication, Tim's got it. And now he's rededicated himself to music.

Tim: 385 lbs vs sub-200 lbs
Tim: 385 lbs vs sub-200 lbs

In 2006 Tim released the full-length album, You Only Live Twice. And in 2015 followed it up with Letters From Gettysburg, licensing the title track to the Smithsonian, where the song still plays as you walk through its Gettysburg exhibit.

In 2021 Tim is back. He's refreshed, renewed, and ready to promote his forthcoming EP, title tba. It's already making its way around to reviewers and has hit nothing but homeruns. Spiderhands Productions in New Zealand says, "This is the most excited I've been about a record in some time."

The new EP was recorded in Nashville with backing band Too Slim and the Taildraggers, who've had 6 albums chart in the Top 10 of Billboard's Top Blues Albums. The musicianship is stellar, the arrangements tight and at the center of it you've got Tim, singing and writing from his heart, encapsulating quite a life's experience.

In April 2021 look for Tim in features on KHQ TV in Spokane and Spokane Talks Online

Posted on 4/15/21