The Music Just Played On (Single)

by Tim Brummett

Tim Brummett's got a new single entitled "The Music Just Played On." It's a driving blues/rock tune reminiscent of The Eagles, if they'd had Elvis Costello lend an ear to some of the changes.

What's jumped out to several critics is the song's 5-minute 17-second duration, which is usually a death knell for a blues song. But somehow Tim's lyrics and crafty arrangement keep you engaged. There's no overly repetitious chorus or gratuitous guitar solo. 

What you've got is Tim's story, and what a story he's got to tell! He's just a few years on from doctors telling him he wasn't long for this life. So he turned his around, transforming himself from a 400-lb. diabetic into personal trainer who renewed his own lease on life, in part to continue seriously pursuing his passion for music.

"It took me 50 years of livin' to write this song," the song says, and it's no exaggeration. 

To pull off his dream album (he plans to release this song and 4 others as an EP this summer), Tim went to the nation's hotbed of Country Music: Nashville, Tennessee. In the studio he brought in one of the most successful Blues bands around: Too Slim and the Taildraggers, who currently have the #2 Blues song in the world to go along with their 6 Top 10 Blues albums on the Billboard Blues charts.

What's come of all the time, effort, change, experience, expertise, and recording in a world-class studio is nothing short of one hell of an album. Follow Tim on Facebook and Spotify to keep up with things as they come together. And fer Pete's sake, do Tim and yourself a favor and tell someone about him.

Posted on 4/15/21