Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back) (Single)

by Scotty Austin

Track listing: Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back)

Fucking intense from the downbeat through the fadeout. That sums it up. Scotty Austin, former frontman for Saving Abel, has essentially set off a string of musical IEDs with the intensity of his latest single, "Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back)."

The song's accompanying video captures veritable fire and brimstone, set against the backdrop of actual footage captured by Ukrainian soldiers fighting off the onslaught of Russian forces invading their homeland. Explosives, machine guns, missiles, trench warfare, all coming together in utter destruction. Austin and producer Malcolm Springer could have conceivable used the grim, overpowering images of war while recording the track--you hear anger, an ominous presence, vigor and ferocity in every note

"When evil's inflicted the damage is done - remain ever vigilant - Lucifer's come!"

Written by Scotty Austin and Stevie B, with Antonio Carlos Silva Filho handling video production, the team is continuing to establish Austin as an undeniable solo artist. 

"Lucifer's Rain" smashes you across the face with Austin's dark guttural growl and demonic screams, not losing any momentum since his departure from Saving Abel in 2021. Stream it, share it, soak in the darkness of the video. And keep up with all things Scotty Austin at

Posted on 7/19/23