The River Inside of Me

by Cadosia Street

Track listing: Split Personality, The Real Revolution, Stuck in the Middle with You, Saria's Song, The River Inside of Me, Best of My Heart, Irikok Forest, TBA (Cadosia Mix), A Way, Every Day, No Tomorrow, Turtle Soup, Hackensack, People Get Ready, I Came of Age in Baltimore, Space Noodle, We're All in This Thing Together, Saria's Song (reprise)

The River Inside of Me is the new release by a collective of sorts known as Cadosia Street. The 18-song album is an impressive assemblage of 14 original compositions and 4 cover songs by an interesting quartet of popular artists. Folk in nature, the sounds are Folk and Americana in its truest form.

Cadosia Street is comprised of 19 members who converged for 9 days to play, write and record...for what seems to be the most noble of reasons to do so: because they enjoy it and thrive from it. 

With such a large and diverse membership, you get to hear a wide array of influences on Cadosia Street. The album kicks off with the folky "Split Personality." But just as soon as you relax and wait for 18 more folks songs, "The Real Revolution" brings its bossa nova rhythms and political/religious subject matter. 

The cover songs are worth a standalone mention. Stealers Wheel's classic "Stuck In The Middle With You" sits confidently as track 3. You also get Buddy Holly's "Every Day," Fountains of Wayne's "Hackensack," and a gorgeous rendition of the timeless "People Get Ready" by Curtis Mayfield.

The River Inside of Me's title track exists as a beautiful vocal duet in the vein of Alison Krauss, complete with a melodic violin/fiddle lead. The aforementioned "Hackensack" is fun in that you don't really expect to hear a power-pop band's track in the middle of a folk album. But the treatment Cadosia Street offers taps into the heartfelt side of Fountains, bringing out some truly wonderful moments

There is a lot to take in with The River Inside of Me. With a cast of 19, you get a wealth of combinations of vocalists, songwriters, and instrumentalists. If there's a knock on the record, it's with its consistency. But since the magic is found in what all 19 bring to the table, the sonic diversity is what makes The River Inside of Me so special. Follow Cadosia Street on YouTube and Facebook, or stream via Spotify and Apple Music.

Posted on 5/7/24