by Angry Toons

Track listing: Endless Scream, Still Alive, Renegade Retribution, Big Bad Wolf, Bat Out Of Hell, I Don't Mean To Be A D!ck, But Fuck You, Frankenstein #2, Toon Raider, Farrier Of The Swamp, Sh!t Show, Godzilla

Art-Thrash-Punk-Metal? If the four shoes fit... The Angry Toons bring intensity, over-the-top musicality, and a bit of controlled cacophony to their album Toonomicon released TODAY, June 6th, 2023.

Eleven tracks span just over one hour, letting you know immediately you're in for an adventure. Maybe it's the jazz saxophone in the 2-1/2 minute intro to "Renegade Retribution" (which doesn't stop in the intro--it's there amidst the heavy crunch for the remaining 6 minutes). And in the Punk world, a song titled "I Don't Mean To Be A D!ck, But Fuck You" might be a catchy 2-minute foray into condescension. But when put forth by The Angry Toons it morphs a simple theme into a multi-metered epic that has got to fuel mosh pits with napalm-level energy.

"I Don't Mean To Be A D!ck..." displays the band's monstrous levels of musicality. Bassist Anth0s is all over the place: chords, bends, mini-solos, not playing "parts" persay as much as making complex artistic statements within each track. Guitarist Cap'n Morgan approaches each piece with an amalgam of styles, channeling Buckethead at times, sometimes laying back in power chord land, crunching Pantera-esque metal riffs, and dropping atonal leads in for good measure. Drummer Eagorr quite literally doesn't miss a beat. What might sound like noise to an untrained ear, the rhythms behind the songs are anything but. They're intricate compositions with immense attention to each musical detail. 

In ToonomiconThe Angry Toons enlisted the talents of artist/designer K3N Adams, who's done work for Lamb of God, Slayer, and Black Dahlia Murder, among others to create an unparalleled experience. From album art to the truly unique sonic soundscape to their live shows the band describes as having "circus side show energy," what The Angry Toons have unleashed in Toonomicon is an episode of creativity and energy that doesn't have a peer group to contrast and compare. 

Then there's the cherry on top: the final track on the album. Once you've absorbed the heaviness, the montage of metal with a smidge of dark deathcore dribbled over the top, The Angry Toons come at you with a brilliant cover of  Blue Öyster Cult's classic, "Godzilla." A must listen that bridges what could otherwise be a generational gap.

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Posted on 6/6/23