Behind Her Eyes (Single)

by Indecent Proposal

Track listing: Behind Her Eyes

Duluth-based Indecent Proposal returns to several members' old haunt, Duluth High School, in the video for their latest single "Behind Her Eyes." There's also a really fun behind-the-scenes video of the making of it. But the essence is in the song itself. 

It's a bit of a tragic romance, set to solemn chord progression and a yearning vocal melody. Separating itself from songs previously reviewed on our site, "Behind Her Eyes" doesn't have the 90s alt/grunge presence of "Late In The Morning" nor the melodically upbeat feel of "Feeling Good." 

There's a depth in "Behind Her Eyes" taking the band's songwriting and recording up notch. The production seems more full and rich that previous releases. Arrangement-wise, the group incorporates time changes and significant mood changes throughout the song. The peak is truly reached during the guitar solo, however--with the emotional tone being set lyrically and melodically, the guitar solo pulls the song up to its emotional climax. It's not so much about a technical complexity as it is the gorgeous gut-wrenching distortion and effects combo and the purposeful phrasing of the licks. Really well done

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Posted on 12/6/23