Ringo Cisneros
Ringo Cisneros
Ringo Cisneros (Grand Prairie, TX)

Ringo Cisneros is a Texas A&M-Corpus Christi graduate with a Bachelor's of Arts degree who lives in Grand Prairie, Texas. He's a social media addict, devoted to helping people attain their goals in music, film, blogging, or public relations. He hopes to one day create his own music promotion company or music PR firm, surrounding himself with great people who try to thrive to become the best. Ringo recently mused, "I hope I can help ignite a spark for those who want it more than the next person."

Reviews Written

Artist Title Date
Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday 6/25/13
CitySpeak CitySpeak 6/11/13
Many Are Connected Armed and Dangerous 5/21/13
Richard Murray Borealis 5/9/13
Fatback Circus Fatback Circus 4/26/13
Brave Song Circle Unconditional 4/22/13
Diane Dous Wait (single) 4/11/13
Barrett Myers The Coming and The Leaving 2/27/13
Love In Tent Love In Tent EP 2/18/13
Scabsallover Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle Vol. 2 1/27/13
Howlin’ Alan Back to Plan A 1/20/13
Involusion Lilith 1/17/13
Jeb Bush Protégé of Plies 1/14/13
Recycled Sounds R.U.O.K. 12/17/12
Phillip Foxley One song is all you need… 12/13/12

Posted on 12/5/12