• Rival Waves

    Artist: Rival Waves

    Rival Waves is a rock band from Austin, Texas, creating a propulsive, melodic sonic soundscape fused with a relentlessly disruptive post-punk aesthetic. The band draws its musical influences from the guitar-fueled sounds of classic rock, punk and hardcore,… Read more

  • The Beautiful Revolution

    Review: Mr. P Chill "The Beautiful Revolution"

    Unleashing The Beautiful Revolution on Inauguration Day 2017 was no coincidence. Revolution is on the minds of many today, including Sacramento rapper Mr. P Chill.

    The album opens with the title track, ending with an excerpt of Martin… Read more

  • Flesh & Metal

    Review: Noah James Hittner "Flesh & Metal"

    Opening with the haunting "You," Noah James Hittner's 2014 release Flesh & Metal is more of the former and less of the latter, at least stylistically. The album's mellowness comes from its tightly compressed vocal tracks laid over a blend of… Read more

  • Javelina Bar

    Venue: Javelina Bar

    69 Rainey St., Austin, TX Read more

  • 2nd Annual DaveFest

    2nd Annual DaveFest

    Festival: The 2nd Annual DaveFest is a fundraising event benefitting DaveTV.org. As most of you know, Dave Prewitt is an incredibly important and beloved fixture in the Austin music scene,… Read more