• 2nd Annual DaveFest

    2nd Annual DaveFest

    Festival: The 2nd Annual DaveFest is a fundraising event benefitting DaveTV.org. As most of you know, Dave Prewitt is an incredibly important and beloved fixture in the Austin music scene,… Read more

  • Texas Music Park

    Venue: Texas Music Park

    8989 N. Interstate 35, New Braunfels, TX Read more

  • Heavyweight

    Review: Thunderbird "Heavyweight"

    Blasting through your speakers with riffage of AC/DC-level intensity, Thunderbird's new album Heavyweight opens with the aggressive "Run For The Border." Vocalist Marc LaFrance takes the reins from the get-go with his gritty, metallic delivery,… Read more

  • 3 Penny Opera Reunion Kicks Off With “Cycle”

    Video: 3 Penny Opera Reunion Kicks Off With “Cycle”

    DaveTV.org brings you 3 Penny Opera’s “Cycle” from their reunion show at One-2-One Bar in Austin, Texas on December 22, 2016. Please credit Dave Prewitt / DaveTV.org with any use of the video. If you wanna support Dave’s tireless… Read more

  • Burn Ban

    Artist: Burn Ban

    Helping you remember when you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire. Burn Ban is: Brett Hanrahan, drums/vox; WillImNot, vox/guitar; Alejandro, bass/vox. Read more