• JDub

    Artist: JDub

    J_Dub & The_Tease are a Psychedelic Rock quintet from Austin, TX. Fronted by charismatic singer/songwriter JDub, the Tease are known for their songs of Love and Social Consciousness. Lead guitarist Jeffandy St. Hubert's poetic lines and keyboardist Mickey… Read more

  • Convertibles

    Review: Chuck Inglish "Convertibles"

    With Convertibles, Chuck Inglish drops an album custom made for summertime. On a beautiful day, driving around with your windows down, you've gotta have something fresh coming from your speakers. Enter: Convertibles.

    Whereas… Read more

  • Persistence

    Review: Mr. P Chill "Persistence"

    Persistence is the latest release by long-time Sacramento Hip-Hop fixture, Mr. P Chill. Taking a great deal of pride in his "real hip hop" approach, Persistence rocks an old school vibe evoking beats and samples bringing to mind both… Read more

  • Limbic Void

    Artist: Limbic Void

    Smooth. Edgy. Soft. Sharp. Electronic. Organic.

    All of these qualities come to mind upon hearing Norway's Limbic Void, the musical brainchild of artist/producer Gustav Espenes. Limbic Void's latest release, "Stay Strong" evokes vocal melodies… Read more

  • Chuck Inglish

    Artist: Chuck Inglish

    Your Stylist's Favorite Artist.

    Breaker of Bread, Ribs, and $100 Bills. Read more