The Casa Project: a House Music Label with Soul…and Heart
The Casa Project: a House Music Label with Soul…and Heart

The UK’s Casa Project House-music record label puts charity and children ahead of personal profit and glory.

The Casa Project is a new UK-based House music label. At a glance TCP is like many other labels. First, they have a young, burgeoning, and promising roster comprised of Funk Nova (Soulful, Deep, Nu-Jazz & Disco House), Dani Boi (Deep, Progressive House), and Ryan Maleta (Nu-Jazz, Deep House). And the sound coming from TCP shines bright bright on the label’s future.

Go ahead, take a listen to The Casa Project on Soundcloud!

What caught our eye is the soul behind the sound. Their site speaks of a “collective sound” and “music from within the soul.” Standing alone, words don’t mean a whole lot without some sort of tangible backing. But The Casa Project is taking the meaning and emotion behind their sound and giving it a greater common purpose.

In their first year, The Case Project has made it a priority to raise money and awareness for a cause near and dear to their hearts: extreme hunger and children’s medical research.

This year, TCP will produce and release an EP and Mix Compilations with the express purpose of raising money for charities that support their causes. Bringing in artists from around the globe, to broaden the sound and reach of the releases, TCP will donate all proceeds to charities that include UNICEF, World Food Programme, and Great Ormand Street.

By creating the music we love, The Casa Project hopes to help create a better place for those living in extreme hunger, and help children’s research hospitals staff the broadest range of dedicated children’s health care specialists.

The Casa Project is currently seeking talented and passionate artists to join their programme. You can contact The Casa Project via their website.

Posted on 2/20/13